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Rapid Prototyping

Building, releasing and getting feedback on new software products as quickly as possible is a fundamental part of lean product development. A fast turning build-measure-learn feedback cycle is the best way to verify what your customers really want.

  • Minimal Viable Product (MVP) development
  • Lean & agile development
  • A/B feature testing
  • Web design & user experience
  • Market validation
  • Customer feedback
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Quick and reliable validation of new business ventures following the lean approach

Continuous development with built-in feedback loop to get minimal viable product to market as soon as possible

Integration of data-driven decision-making from day one via A/B split tests, direct customer feedback and per-customer metrics

Usage of state-of-the-art technology stack to ensure functionality and usability of prototype beyond validation phase


Mobile data usage has surpassed desktop and tablet usage in 2016 for the first time. That means, that on a global scale more people use the internet, buy products and are advertised to on their mobile phone than via any other device. This trend will not only continue but accelerate in the years ahead. Is your mobile web app ready?

  • Mobile audit
  • Mobile-first strategy
  • Responsive development
  • Progressive development
  • Performance optimisation
  • M-commerce development
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Develop responsive, app-like and safe mobile applications that can be used across all devices

Adjust technological architecture to ensure performant mobile usage, also for users with bad connectivity

Advertise and develop with mobile-first approach, fostering global reach without the need of users to install platform-dependent apps

Creating and implementing a mobile-index favouring content-strategy to increase organic search engine ranking

Web Development

Building a website or content management system constitutes the setup for a successful online business. With dozens of tools, frameworks and systems available, choosing the right one and developing a potent system isn't always a trivial task. We help you build or re-launch your existing website.

  • Minimal Viable Product (MVP) development
  • Lean & agile development
  • Landing page development
  • Web design & user experience
  • Content management system implementation
  • Technology audit & consulting
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Complete web development service including conception, design, user experience, programming and content creation

Implementation of responsive, fast, secure, multi-language-supported and SEO-optimised website

Server set up and configuration to ensure optimal performance and state-of-the-art security

Development and implementation of backup, recovery and contingency plans

Online Shop Development

A well-designed, targeted and functional online shop is the foundation for a successful digital business. We analyse, optimise or re-launch your current solution, offer web design, shop integration and content creation services as well as full-fledged online marketing tool belt to get your online sales up.

  • E- & M-commerce consulting
  • E- & M-commerce development
  • Online shop analysis
  • Online shop optimisation
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Development of secure, fast, reliable and scalable online shop

Optimised for both desktop and mobile commerce solutions

Increase web sales by conversion rate optimisation and targeted marketing

Competitor analysis with real time price comparison

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