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Conversion Rate Optimization

Each user's action on your website is an opportunity, or a loss. In order to maximize results it is necessary to have a comprehensive view of the entire user experience, identify bottle necks and optimize every single step.

  • Landing page optimisation
  • Sales funnel optimisation
  • Usability analysis & customer feedback
  • User engagement & retention optimisation
  • Eye tracking & heat mapping
  • A/B testing
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Analysis of data and goals to identify core areas of improvement

Mapping of entry points, user interactions and drop outs to streamline the customer experience

Review of the click-chain, landing pages performance and acquisition funnel allows to remove obstacles on the path to conversion

A/B testing targeted on the core nodes allows to obtain a positive snowball effect on the overall performance

Web & Customer Intelligence

Are you getting to most out of your customers? Do you understand why your website users act how they act, where they come from or go to? If not, we can help you gather, analyse and visualise your website and customer data.

  • Google analytics
  • E- & M-commerce tracking
  • Customer journey analysis
  • Event analysis
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Data mining to analyse and improve digital customer journey, user behaviour and create detailed customer profile

Real-time user feedback for newly integrated features & products

Usability studies of your web application to detect flaws in the conversion funnel and increase user engagement

Conversion rate optimisation strategy development and implementation to increase on-page sales

User Experience Optimisation

The overall perception of your web applications is strongly connected to a seamless user experience. Your online presence should be as unique as your company, while at the same time easy to use and solving your customers problems.

  • User experience analysis & optimisation
  • Usability analysis & optimisation
  • Customer journey definition
  • Rapid prototyping & testing
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Complete design of web and mobile application and creation of online customer journey

Conduct usability studies, web intelligence analytics and gather individual user feedback to constantly improve the user experience

Improve on-page sales by developing and implementing a conversion rate optimisation strategy

Mockup- and fast prototype development to collect early customer feedback


Expanding to new countries outside your domestic market is a great way to boost economy of scale effects as well as increase earnings and brand awareness. We support you during this crucial phase by developing market entry strategies, implementing native content solutions as well as providing IT architecture stress tests to ensure a smooth expansion.

  • Content translation
  • Multi-language content creation
  • Multi-channel marketing strategy
  • Marketing expansion planning & implementation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword analysis
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Development of  international expansion roll out plan

Content creation and translation by native speakers

Individual multi-channel marketing strategies for new market entry

Preparation of technology infrastructure for international rollout

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