About 10xStudio

General Information


10xStudio is a full-service digital boutique specialized in performance marketing, inbound marketing as well as online sales optimisation and web development. We support companies of all sizes through their digital journey, from starting up, designing and implementing their marketing strategies and making fundamental technological choices, growing their customer base as well as international expansion. Born in Barcelona, the team behind 10xStudio nowadays works from Leipzig, Milano and Barcelona.

How we work

The world of online marketing and sales optimisation is as wide as deep and on top of that ever-changing. But don't worry - we got you covered. We proudly stand for a full transparent way of working, business orientated results, complexity-breaking consulting down and experienced-based knowledge. We want you to feel comfortable working with us. That's why we see ourself as the natural extension of your team, rather than just another agency.

The 10x way of collaboration:

Definition & Consulting

We make our experience in online marketing, scaling businesses internationally and leading brands to online success accessible to you. We develop, together with your team, your individual strategy. Like this we make sure our common goals are communicated in an easy to understand way with all members of your team.

Development & Implementation

We implement the designed strategy in a data-driven way to produce measurable results, monitor and improve performance through extensive A/B testing and help you get your digital business off the ground. We follow an agile marketing approach and make learnings available to everyone in the team.

Preservation & Coaching

We make sure the acquired learnings stay within your company. We transfer all knowledge to key stakeholders within your organisation, train your staff on how to maintain the results or help you find third party partners will monitore and alter performance in the future.

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